Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

Nifemi Soar High in Styles on His Birthday

From the beautiful Birthday Music that gave the atmosphere a serene abs to long for, the proud cakes designs, The Canopies, tables, food and drinks put everyone that comes around the birthday venue to a waw!

Little wonder The eleven (11) years old celebrant name starts with Oluwa (in other words King) – Oluwa-Nifemi.. in short Nifemi.

Nifemi who celebrated his birthday gave friends and family members who came far and wide to Grease the occasion and rally around in honor to both their great son, brother and friend and the Adegeye Family on their deleted son’s birthday.

According to Nifemi’s mother- Mrs. BoseOlubo Adegeye, ” I never wanted a real party… Just an indoor thing with a few people around”

But as it turns out multitude came… The ever ready BoseOlubo however feed everyone to their satisfaction… she express both surprise and gratitude for the number of people that turns in for Nifemi’s birthday.

The ever handsome celebrant – Nifemi came out brighter than a killer thriller in different seasoned sessions of the occasion to blow expectant audience pace

See more birthday pictures below

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