Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

Mummy Nurse @81

Mummy Nurse @81 – “Happy birthday MOM”.

There are more than 81 reasons to celebrate my mother. A My mother who is also my father for 45 years, I can never forget how my mother will cry whenever we come back home with good grades. Why other parents pray for money and prosperity, every night mummy Nurse pray for Ogbon, Imo,ati Oye (Knowledge & Wisdom.

The death of our father gave us 2 great parents in ONE. Mummy Back to school of Nursing after 6 kids was no joke, special thanks to Iya Alate, my dear grandma who made this possible. Loving, Strict, Caring, Energetic and extremely Clean to a fault,. Omo Ologunde, Ajagajigi, Efon Ku Moye, Maami, happy birthday ma

By Mrs. Bose Olubo Adegeye

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