Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

Amazon Foundation

*U are welcome to Amazon Foundation where u can appreciate our History, Culture and Tradition, celebrate our Icons and support the less privileged.
You can showcase your Talent, Improve in your content and Learn from our Professionals

Amazon Organization is established by Mrs BoseOlubo Adegeye, an Actress, TV Presenter, Media Consultant and Entrepreneur
The main businesses here is Appreciating our culture, tradition and icon while we support the less privileged.

What is happening in the entertainment, sport, etc world are welcome news

News on Events, auditioning, movies, music, dance and drama are welcome
Upcoming arts are welcome to showcase their fresh idea and talent.

Let’s get to know u
We are here to help one another for contacts and connections to grow in the world

We shall celebrate you on your special days and achievements
Kindly introduce yourself with pix
We shall be having our weekly show with a member on the Hot Seat who will share his/her experience as we learn

Kindly confirm any news before posting, and pls no political abuse, all we can do is send news as it comes then we can make positive suggests and comments

Is Entertainers off day,
Every Mondays
MEMBERS are free to post advert of what u do in other to help one another and patronise ourselves

Thank u

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